How to Become a Member of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church

During invitations, extended at the conclusion of our worship services, we encourage any who are seeking salvation, desiring a closer walk with the Lord, or who are burdened, to meet us in prayer at the altar. Church membership may also be requested at this time.

We accept new members in three ways;

Profession of Faith:† New Christians who have professed faith in the Lord Jesus Christ may submit to baptism and request membership.

Transfer of Letter:† Persons with membership in another Baptist Church may request a transfer of their letter to Mt. Carmel.

Statement of Faith:† Individuals who come from other denominations, and have received Christ as Savior, and experienced believersí baptism, by immersion may request membership. If they have not experienced baptism by immersion, they must submit to baptism for church membership to be granted.

Statement of Faith is also available for those whose church record has been lost or destroyed.